Custom Jewelry Design Services In Wilmington, NC

Custom jewelry design is one of the many services that we are proud to provide at Perry’s Emporium!

We believe jewelry is an extension of your own personal style. At our jewelry store in Wilmington, NC we specialize in custom creating brand new jewelry pieces from scratch or existing jewelry that you do not wear anymore! We encourage our customers to bring in photographs, art, concepts, and inspirations and to sit with our jewelers and come up with your very own custom jewelry piece!

Perry’s Emporium’s creative design team routinely works with precious metals such as silver and gold as well as gemstones and diamonds! At our Wilmington, NC jewelry store, we use only the latest technology to design all of our custom jewelry work, specifically the CAD-3D computerized design program. We combine the latest technological advances alongside years of handcrafted experience to ensure the best and most unique custom jewelry creations for our customers. There is no better jewelry sitting in your home than the custom engagement ring you helped craft exactly as you saw fit, pardon the pun.

A 25% nonrefundable deposit is required of customers looking to use our custom jewelry services. All of the custom jewelry work created for customers is nonrefundable.

Imagine every time you look down at your hand, you see a wedding band that was handcrafted by the love of your life. Perry’s Emporium is proud to offer the once in a lifetime experience of designing and fabricating your own wedding bands. We have 6 talented jewelers that will assist you in hammering, soldering, and filing your bands to create the perfect symbol of your love that lasts forever. Call us at 910-392-6721 for more information and to schedule your free consultation.

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