Insurance Appraisals

In the world of jewelry, insuring your prized possessions is an absolute must! As our customer, you won’t have to look any further than our services to appraise your jewelry. All appraisals are performed by a certified GIA Gemologist, as well as a qualified jeweler.

Appraisals can be made by appointment or walk-in. Customers who walk in for an appraisal may need to leave their item at the store overnight or until the appraisal can be completed. Perry’s Emporium ensures the safe and secure handling of any item that is entrusted to us.

Perry's Emporium

We give estimates for replacement of your items for your insurance company in the event your items are lost, stolen, or damaged. Like our repair services, our insurance appraisal services include a complete record of the details of any item being appraised, as well as a copy of documentation for the owner of the item. A copy of this document can also be sent to your insurance company as soon as the appraisal is complete.

Perry’s Emporium is happy to provide insurance appraisals for your precious items. There is a fee of $85 for your first item and an additional $45 for each item after. Appraisals are performed by a GIA certified Graduate Gemologist and a qualified jeweler. When you are bringing your items to be appraised, you are able to leave your jewelry with us where it will stay safe and secure until your appraisal is complete or you may schedule an appointment and wait for your jewelry to be appraised that day.

For every appraisal, we take photos of the item(s), identify and measure all stones quality, color and weights. One copy is given to you to keep and another copy is given for you to provide your insurance company.